Veggie Test Kitchen is a food blog devoted to all aspects of lacto vegetarian ingredients (no fish, no meat and no eggs). That means I’ll cook (post recipes), dine (post restaurant reviews) and gather random knowledge (post …) all in the hopes of learning to cook, and extend my culinary skill beyond traditional vegetarian fare (with experiments that may at times fail, but I will share those as well!). I would also like to help make the vegetarian lifestyle a little easier for any of you out there struggling with finding new versions of the foods you used to love to eat, and also exciting for those of you languishing in the tofu funk. If I can create delicious and inspired meals, then so can you. I promise. So come bake, cook and eat with me. And if you just like to look at pictures of food, that’s cool too. I welcome you.

The goals of Veggie Test Kitchen:
-To catalog the progress of my culinary evolution
-To hold myself accountable to my goals of continually improving my culinary skill, and creating sensational food that inspires my creativity  
-To establish a presence for engaging in the online foodie community
-To help inspire vegetarians or vegans who struggle with the lifestyle
-To put out photos that make your mouth water, to whatever extent that can be accomplished with natural lighting and a P&S 😉

To contact the author, please send emails to veggietestkitchen (at) gmail (dot) com

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