Deep Fried Cream Cheese + Green Onion Wontons

October 6, 2010 § 10 Comments

It’s often hard to decide where to draw the line between a failure and a mistake. With respect to my kitchen escapades, this was one of those times. In the end this dish survived the column of failure on one count: it was damn good…despite the glaring error. So, the big mistake here was using won ton wrappers instead of dumpling wrappers.

Doesn’t sound like such a big deal, right? No, it is, especially when you take each dough to the realm of the deep fryer. These won ton wrappers didn’t hold up well. The resulting won tons, as you see pictured, expanded to look like little lightbulbs. This wasn’t the case when we experimented with dumpling wrappers on the same recipe. The dumpling wrappers came out of the fryer with their shape intact.

All this aside, in the instances where the won ton expansion didn’t result in explosion, the resulting shape was pleasantly unique. I absolutely love this dish, even though it’s a crass American spin on Chinese cuisine. It’s still so wonderful!!! The filling consists of cream cheese, chopped green onions and cracked black pepper. Assembly is simple enough (see picture), and the deep frying is straight forward as well. Happy cooking!!


§ 10 Responses to Deep Fried Cream Cheese + Green Onion Wontons

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