Video: Inspiring composition (Parisian desserts)

October 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

I found the link to this short video (2:42) on Sweet Freak’s site and it made me think about how someone might justify the seemingly superficial world of food of this calibre, not just sweets, but the full range of high-end food. So, there is the most apparent argument, that is: we are what we eat, and by extension if we fill our bodies with thoughtful, high-quality ingredients, the machines that are our bodies, will function at full capacity, all things being equal (e.g. exercise as a form of machine maintenance). I would agree with this thought, but it doesn’t wholly apply to consuming the high-end of the spectrum that concerns itself with composition as much as flavor and quality. The most valuable element of the experience for me is that I simply derive inspiration from witnessing and consuming an artistic plate that is both composed impeccably and that tastes amazing. Why? Someone held themselves to a very high standard to create this plate, so by virtue of consuming that plate, I am consuming excellence. So, it isn’t about the wheels of my body being greased in the best oils, but about my mind consuming inspiration from the full sensory experience of the meal. It keeps me inspired and creative, which evolves into a form of joy as I practice this creative excellence in my own kitchen. The creative excellence, along with the joy that practicing it brings, becomes part of me and I carry it with me beyond the bounds of my kitchen.

Consuming the excellence inspires me to pursue my own excellence, and so I feel obliged to sponsor these innovators.

Reflection aside, this video carries a high dosage of food porn. If you at all love Paris, macaroons, the Ladurée tea room at Harrods, lingering in the windows of pastry shops, etc. then you will love this video as much as I do!!


§ 2 Responses to Video: Inspiring composition (Parisian desserts)

  • Sweet Freak says:

    Here I was, drooling over your rustic tarts, and I saw my own name and link – merci, mademoiselle! I have another site – – and if you click on the “Vegan Monday” label, you’ll see my efforts (of varying degrees of success) at going vegan at least one day a week. This often makes me internally philosophize on the same things you are here: origins of food, quality of food, consideration of food, food for its primal needs v. food for pure pleasure, etc. It’s funny how easy it is to get all-consumed by great food!

    (And tomorrow, I think I’ll try the rustic tomato, spinach and feta tart – miam!)

    • theveggie says:

      Hi Sweet Freak, thanks for stopping by!! I think your Vegan Monday label is a great idea. Going vegan is pretty hard. I don’t think I’ve ever done it more than one day a week!!!

      Glad you liked the tarts. I am obsessed. I may have to turn this into ‘The Tart Kitchen’. Too much butter makes me happy =) Let me know how yours turns out.

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