Two-tiered mini Birthday cake (low fat) w. Basil cream cheese frosting

September 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m awful at remembering significant dates, so when I overheard my brother wishing my mother a Happy-Early-Birthday-b/c-I’ll-forget-to-call-you-on-the-actual-day I figured I’d need to whip up baked goods quickly. I settled on the easiest cake recipe on earth, followed up w. a cream cheese frosting (b/c it’s my favorite). And for sure I knew I was stuffing fruit into the center of this thing, since we’re slightly health-conscious here. Since I know that berries are wonderful w. basil I took the risk of making my cream cheese frosting basil infused. It turned out wonderfully. The basil/berry pairing is so refreshing that I’m planning basil/strawberry cupcakes before the end of fall when the angel of death will claim my poor plant.  

The cake:
Makes 4 two-tiered mini cakes

1 box of Butter flavored cake mix
330 ml of Perrier (make sure to use an unopened bottle)
4 tbsps of butter (melted, still slightly warm), this can be substituted w. olive oil to cut down on the fat, although sometimes you just need to enjoy your butter

Beat the cake mix and Perrier together. Add the melted butter. I like to use warm butter b/c this makes the batter thicken a bit while you’re mixing it.  Add the batter to 8 small, well-greased baking pans. I like to use these crème brûlée dishes; they’re the perfect size and can withstand the heat. Place the baking dishes on a large baking sheet. Bake on 350 degrees for 15-22 minutes (until golden brown and when an inserted toothpick comes out clean). 

Basil Cream-cheese frosting:
This recipe should frost two cakes, you can double this recipe if you’re cooking all 4 mini-cakes at once. I tend to make two-mini cakes (requires the cake recipe to be halved) at a time.

8 oz of low fat whipped cream cheese
1 cup of powdered sugar
1 tbsp of vanilla extract
handful of fresh, finely chopped basil

Whip the ingredients together with a fork.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Assembly isn’t too tricky either. When slightly cooled, turn over the baking dishes, and carefully remove the cakes to place on a cooling rack. Once cooled, place a cake on your serving dish, top w. a layer of the frosting. Add a layer of your berries. Frost one side of another cake and then place the frosted side on top of the berry layer. Then frost the top and sides to your taste. Leaving the sides unfrosted gives the cake an interesting strawberry shortcake/french pastry hybrid look.


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