Chilo: Savory breakfast pancake (Vegan)

September 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Chilo & hash

Chilo is a popular breakfast item in India. It’s a savory pancake made with graham flour, the whole wheat variety used to make graham crackers. It’s a good substitute for the omelette breakfast element. My sweet tooth prefers a french toast or fruit pancake anyday, but supplemented w. a side of fruit and veggie infused hash, it makes for a healthy breakfast.

To make it, you simply mix the ‘pancake’ mixture (graham flour, touch of salt, baking powder) w. water and your veggies, and proceed to cook as you would a pancake. Bear in mind that the graham flour is much thicker than pancake batter, so if your chilo is laid on a frying pan too thick the center may be raw despite exhibiting the appearance of having been thoroughly cooked (browned, crunchy sides, etc.).  

Interesting side note, graham flour was named after Sylvester Graham who was one of the earliest U.S. proponents of the vegetarian diet, which he promoted back in the 1830’s. He went on to establish the American Vegetarian Society in 1850. Graham flour is  a combination of separately ground white flour and wheat bran and germ.


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